Frame 25

In Inland Empire, there is this exchange, regarding the film (within the film of Inland Empire) On High in Blue Tomorrows:

Devon: Kingsley, get to the point.
Kingsley: On High in Blue Tomorrows is in fact a remake
Devon: It's a remake?
Kingsley: Yeah.
Devon: I wouldn't do a remake.
Kingsley: No, no, no, no. I know. Of course... but you didn't know. The original was under a different name. It was started, but never finished. Now, Freddy's found out that our producers know the history of this film and they have taken it upon themselves not to pass that information along to us. Purposefully. Of course, not me. I assume not to the two of you. True?
Nikki: No... absolutely. Nobody told me anything.
Devon: No, me neither. I thought this was an original script.
Kingsley: Yeah... well... anyway, the film was never finished.
Nikki: I don't understand. Why wasn't it finished?
Kingsley: Well, after the characters have been filming for some time, they discovered something... something inside the story.

"Something . . . something inside the story."

Isn't this what we're all searching for? And isn't the reason that we're searching because we know it will never be found? And if we ever actually happened to find the object of our quest? What disappointment! What sadness that would be!

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